Tanzania Safari Accommodations

Accommodation while on safari is as varied as the wildlife, but two of the main choices are Wayo Green Camps and luxury lodges/camps.

Our most popular are the Wayo Green Camps. These camps are set in stunning locations and allow your safari experience to continue at night as opposed to just being a daytime visitor.

A camping safari is also a wonderful way to spend some time out of the car if you’re on safari with kids. They’re sure to enjoy the campfire and play time.

Our second most popular choice, if you’re looking for more of a lodge safari, are luxury lodges and camps. The focus in these lodges and camps is more on luxury rather than location. So, it depends on what you’re looking for!

What many Wayo guests do is stay in Wayo Green Camps for most of their safari and spend one or two nights at a luxury safari lodge (or camp).

Please read more under the various accommodation pages to learn more about every type of camp we can include in your safari.

“We were in a camp by a huge surreal waterfall. The kids played in the sandy-bottom streams by the waterfall, and we climbed the rocks of the waterfall to enjoy the view. Sleeping in camp was great. Camp beds with white sheets and fresh water bottles each night, warm water in our outdoor washbasins each morning, and warm outdoor showers in the evening. Good western-style food (including lasagna!) was cooked by amazing camp cooks. We are campers in Canada, and I’d have to say that we’ve never camped like this!” - Jaana Broughton, Canada (stayed at Wayo Green Camp in Lake Manyara)