Lightweight camp bathrooms

Really, there is nothing quite like a hot shower under a starry, African sky!

Your comfort is important to us. You may be wondering, what is a Wayo Green Camp bathroom really like? This page is to help you better understand what to expect in the Wayo Green Camp.

Bucket Shower and Toilet Tent:

Showers: Showers are spacious with plenty of hot water provided to clean and refresh you after a day on safari. There is a mesh ground cloth with a wooden frame for standing on and water is provided in an over-head container with a spigot so you can turn it on and off as needed.

Depending on the time of year, we will also collect rain water for showering. As you can imagine, every drop counts, especially during the dry season.

Soap and towels are provided for each guest.

Toilets: Toilets are spacious and comfortable. We place a large wooden box with a toilet seat over shallow pit latrines; meaning we dig a hole about 1-2 meters (3-7 feet) deep and place a comfortable, fitted wooden toilet box and seat and cover over top. Our toilets are the same height as standard western-style toilets.

After using the toilet you sprinkle soil, which is provided in small buckets, into the hole and cover it up. This process eliminates odor, provides a visual barrier after each use, and supports the leave-no-trace camping ethic of Wayo Africa. These toilets are odor free due to their open ceilings and our method of covering and burying waste.