Safari add-ons - for all itineraries

Sports, culture or beach into safari experience:

Viewing wildlife from the vehicle is one way of experiencing Africa. If you are a more active person, a Wayo safari may be just the right thing for you. Walking, biking, canoeing and a variety of cultural excursions give you the opportunity to see Africa from a different perspective and get out of your car and stretch those legs for a few hours! Of course you are in no way obliged to take part in these activities - just choose and pick whatever takes your fancy. Our activities are described in detail on this website.

A safari can be tiring. A few days on the beach is a great way to relax at the end of your trip. Tanzania has a beautiful coast, wash off the dust of your safari with a dip in the Indian Ocean and have a chill out time on the beach. We have been to Zanzibar ourselves various times and have selected some really nice places - laid back atmosphere, Zanzibar style, right on the beach, great food, the Indian Ocean - really all one could wish for. Parts of the island are very touristy but there are definitely very unspoilt parts left.