Guide training courses

Wayo Africa is offering a new and fun way to explore the Serengeti Wilderness Zones, stay away from the crowds and get a ‘hands on’ and fun learning experience while on safari. Now your guests can join a 7-day guide training coursed based out of the Wayo Green Camp located on the banks of the Mara River inside the Serengeti National Park. Guests can either book a private course or join our set date course from the 5th of August till the 12th of August 2012.

Wayo Africa is known for designing new and exiting ways to explore Tanzania’s’ wilderness. These include; Serengeti multiple day walking safaris, canoeing safaris, mountain biking and very remote bush encounters out of our Green Camp. The guide-training courses are one of these unique adventures in to the bush. This course will be conducted by SKS instructor Sean Robertson and Jean Du Plessis.

The courses will operate from July through to September 2012 and will be based out of the Wayo Green Camp located on the banks of the Mara River in the Northern Serengeti. This is inside the Serengeti walking zone and most of the training will happen while on foot. This is not a ‘sit in the class’ type of course. All training will be done while on a walk or game drive. This experience has all the elements of a great safari with more hands on approach and a deeper focus on learning and understanding our surroundings. It will be fun and light keeping in mind guests are on holiday and only really ‘playing being students’.

Training will include: -

General identification, behavior and understanding of African wildlife. This will include topics such as mammal behavior, Id birds, Id plants and learn medical and medicinal uses, frogging etc.

- 4 x 4 driving skills.

- Tracks and signs. Since most of the training will happen on foot we will spend a lot of time learning how to track.

- Star gazing and learning about the night skies.

- Approaching dangerous game on foot.

- Effective guiding skills including guests communication, how to use your camera best etc.

Bookings can either be made for private groups (min of 6 guests) or guests can join a course with set dates: 5th – 12th of August. The fist night will be in Arusha, flying in to the Northern Serengeti on the 6th of August and departing from Tanzania in the evening of the 12th of August.

email for more.